11 Jul 2013 04:45 AM
By:  selliverstan

Let not the humid damp weather knock you down. Keep busy, experimenting with the latest prints and patterns to sizzle in your own way. One such trending print is the floral that can make you blossom under the sun. The bright and cheerful floral prints are treat to one’s eyes [...]

12 Jul 2013 05:23 AM
By:  selliverstan

Get hiking shoes or hiking boots that are comfortable and suitable for the terrain you’ll be faced with on the trail. If you plan on doing any climbing or trekking in places with snow or ice, you’ll need snow boots, and crampons or spikes attached to the soles of your footwear (crampons are usually available locally, if you’re heading to a fairly commercial trail that is frequented by trekkers).

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